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Laura Blythman

Faq + Info


A lot of my prints are limited edition. Which means only a certain number are made, signed and numbered. Once they are Sold Out they are sold out forever. I may make new versions / different designs, but if I decide to do this it will be in my own time. Thanks so much for your interest though! If I am going to release a new print / new edition I will announce beforehand on social media. So keep an eye out x

ie: 'Feathered Pink Rabbit' A4 + A3 Sold Out. Toucan A3 Sold Out. Gold Foil On white 'Throw Glitter in Today's Face' Sold Out. xx


There is currently a waiting list for custom artworks. Pricing varies and I take on commissions at my own discretion ie: I am more inclined to take on a commission for an original paper collage artwork than a gold leaf hand lettered piece. 

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

Love Laura x