MAGIC ARTY HAPPY TIME - a downloadable activity book by Laura Blythman
Volume 2 / 20 x A4 pages.
Hello friends,
It's time for Volume 2!
I have made these downloadable + printable 20 page activity books to help keep your kiddies (and maybe you too! ) busy for a little bit, while we all stay home during this difficult Covid-19 pandemic.
Just the same as Volume #1, I am offering few price options, because like so many others, I've lost a significant amount income due to cancelled events and markets and I know It's a hard and weird time for us all.
So, please just pay what you can if you’ve fallen on hard times. I get it.
But if you’re actually doing alright, your support means so much to me.
$5, $10, or $15.

I hope these activity pages will make you and your kiddos smile .
Sending much love from me xx

Anyhoo, the ACTIVITY BOOK!
Once your order has been made, I will email you a link to download the pages.
It might take me an hour or two. Thank you in advance for your patience xx
(You'll need a printer. Either B&W or Colour)

What you'll get -
Section 1.
3 x Collage Activity pages

Section 2.
4 x Happy colouring pages

Section 3.
3 x A Cute Mobile / Decoration activity

Section 4.
A silly scavenger hunt around the house

1. Pics and tips from me
2. Full colour paper to print and cut up if you
have a colour printer at home. other wise get the paints out! :)
3. A special 30% off discount code for all of my other products in store.
and cut them up for the collage activities.

VOLUME #2 will be ready soon